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Sean McCarthy Weekend Festival 2017

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Dates for the Sean McCarthy Weekend Festival

4th - 7th August 2017


The Fureys in Concert

In Loving memory of the late John Joe Sommers of Irremore & Boston

Date: Friday 4th August

Venue: Teach Siamsa Finuge

Time: 8pm - 10pm

Admission: Tickets €20 or ring 087 9049371

The FUREYS....

are responsible for some of the most stirring music ever to capture the public imagination. Their folk based music has received standing ovations in some of the biggest concert halls of the world and they credit their musical ability to their parents, Ted and Nora, who were well known musicians themselves. They encouraged their sons to play music from a very early age and there was live traditional music in their house almost nightly.


About Liam O Connor

The Liam O'Connor performance is a spectacular explosion of music, song and dance rooted in the Irish music tradition. A spellbinding display of raw energy, passion and melodic genius. Liam O'Connor is an internationally renowned musician of 20 instruments and his spirit will swiftly sweep across your soul as the enchanting melodies are executed from his 'fastest fingers in the world' (Guinness Book of Records 2008).

Words like 'innovator' are overused these days but Liam O'Connor is definitely an innovator. Words like supremely talented, master musician, versatile are, likewise thrown around with an alarming degree of ease, but Liam O'Connor is still all these things. None of these words come close to painting a complete picture because none describe the pure passion and excitement and feeling that Liam O'Connor brings to a performance.... and in the end that's the word that describes him best - Liam O'Connor is first, last and always a performer.

-1st Ambassador of Killarney
-IRMA Nominee
-Beamish & Crawford Award Winner
-Guinness World Record for fastest fingers


Winner of the 2017 Sean McCarthy Ballad Competition will recieve a cheque for €1,200 & a Trophy

1st Runner up will recieve €500

This year we have added a third place...

2nd Runner up will recieve €200

Sponsors: Mike & Sue Nillson, IMRO & the Estate of Sean McCarthy


Mick McCarthy Story Telling Competition 

Winners 2016


1st place Recieves a cheque for €1,000

2nd place Recieves a cheque for €250

Sponsor: Lionel McCarthy



Sean McCarthy

Photo by: Brendan Landy